LASIK Eye Surgery Options

By now, most people have heard the term “LASIK Surgery” and they know that it has something to do with correcting vision. In fact, LASIK eye surgery can be the difference between a life of wearing glasses or contact lenses and the freedom of being without them.

LASIK eye surgery is a term that actually includes several different procedures. All are designed to improve the eyesight of the patient, but it’s up to a licensed and trained ophthalmologist to determine which procedure is best suited to each person.

If you are considering having LASIK eye surgery it would serve you well to research the different options so you are well informed when you visit your surgeon.

Both eyes same day surgery: When you are having LASIK surgery performed your vision can be obscured for several hours following the procedure. Depending on what you are having corrected your doctor may advise you to consider doing one eye at a time. This would mean that you would have surgery on one eye and then a week later the other eye would be operated on.

Blade vs. Bladeless: LASIK surgery can be performed in two ways. One is by the use of a blade that is designed to cut into the cornea thus allowing the surgeon to use the laser. The other method, which is called bladeless, involves just the use of the laser. Opinions are divided on which method is best for the patient, but most surgeons do prefer one to the other. A patient might find the bladeless method more appealing because it doesn’t involve cutting the eye. Many experts feel it is preferable though as it helps the eye to heal at a much faster rate than then bladeless method.

Wavefront LASIK. This is a type of LASIK surgery that is designed for particular eye problems; problems that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or traditional LASIK surgery. Some of the vision conditions which can be helped with this procedure include astigmatism and myopia. This is a more extensive procedure and should only be considered upon the advice of a professional.

As you can see, there are several things that do need to be taken into account when you are considering having LASIK eye surgery. It’s very difficult to decide on what procedure is best suited to you unless you consult with a professional.

When you do make that first visit be certain to ask about any risks and complications that may result as well as recovery time. Most LASIK surgery patients are mobile within a day and have very few complaints.

If you have grown tired of the inconvenience and cost of wearing glasses and contact lens, consider the idea of having LASIK surgery. For someone who has worn eye wear for most of their lives it offers a new life in many ways. Imagine waking up and being able to see everything without fumbling for your glasses. LASIK surgery can give you that and so much more.

A Few Key Things About LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is one of the most common and most effective corrective eye surgeries to treat a variety of eye problems ranging from farsightedness to nearsightedness. It is a refractive surgery in which a laser is used to reshape the cornea in order to effectively enable the light that enters the eye to be focused as it should for clearer overall vision.

Does It Hurt and How Long Does It Take?

LASIK surgery does not hurt and it is relatively pain-free. The procedure itself takes around 15 to 20 minutes and a majority of the time spent during the procedure is spent getting ready for it. Because of this, you will be in and out in very little time.

Who Is Right For LASIK?

There are plenty of factors that go into play to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the surgery at all. For one, your eyes must be healthy. If your eyes are unhealthy due to having a disease of the eye or even due to a significant eye injury you might have suffered recently, you will not be a candidate as it would increase the risk factors associated with the surgery. Your eye doctor will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the surgery. You also must have a somewhat lower prescription. If your prescription is too high, you are likely not going to be a candidate for the procedure. You also must be at least 18, but preferably 21 years of age. You also must be in good general health. If you are not in good general health, you will either be an unsuitable candidate or you will have higher risk factors associated with the surgery like you would any surgery. Learn more from a Portland LASIK surgeon.

Potential Side Effects:

1. Dry Eyes.

This is perhaps one of the more common side effects of the surgery. Because the LASIK surgery causes a temporary decrease in the production of your tears, you are likely going to experience much more dry eyes than you are used to. This is typically short term and it can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months after your surgery. Because of this, you are likely going to want to use eye drops much more throughout this time period because dry eyes can worsen the quality of your vision temporarily.

2. Glare.

Another common side effect that people experience for a short period of time after the surgery would be increased glare or even double vision. This typically lasts anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

In the end, LASIK is regarded as a generally safe surgery for eye correction. As long as you are someone that is deemed a good candidate for LASIK, you should have a good chance of having a successful surgery and recovery. There are risks involved which include the surgery over or undercorrecting and even dealing with permanent vision loss or changes due to complications that could result. However, it remains one of the most effective and one of the safest corrective eye surgeries available.

Is LASIK Surgery A Good Option?

Do you wish to see without corrective lenses? Is wearing glasses or contacts a hassle for you? Being able to see well is something that many people take for granted while many of us must rely on some type of intervention to enjoy all of the beauty around us. Luckily, there is a great option for many people and that is LASIK surgery. If you are wondering if LASIK surgery is right for you, continue reading this helpful article to get tips you can use to help you learn more.

First of all, you should consider if you are willing to see well without glasses or contacts. If so, LASIK may be for you. With the surgery, the outcome is that you can see much better than before. Many times, those who have LASIK surgery end up not having to wear glasses or contacts at all. This is a big improvement from previous days of having to wear something in order to see.

Then, you will want to think about if you are able to go through the surgery and the healing time. The surgery itself is quite quick and the healing time is fast, too. Especially considering that following the procedure you are able to see much better than before it. Since there are different doctors that perform the surgery and everyone’s situation is different, the amount of time the surgery takes and the healing time will depend on those things.

Also, you need to find a reputable eye doctor to talk with about LASIK surgery. Your eyes are important so you will want to spend some time learning about the different doctors in the area and finding out about their reputation. You can do this by talking with friends or family members and learning about their experiences with eye doctors and LASIK surgery. If this is not an option, you can get online and learn about the different doctors in the area. Getting online will also allow you to find reviews for doctors that perform this type of surgery. Many times third party websites will allow patients to share their experiences as a way to help inform future patients.

Once you have found reputable eye doctors that you want to consult with, you can make an appointment to talk with them. This will allow you to discuss LASIK and find out if you are a good candidate. During this time, you will likely have an eye exam and learn more about the procedure. It will also be a time where you can ask questions to help you determine if you want to follow through with the surgery and enjoy better eyesight without corrective lenses.

To conclude, when you decide you want to learn more about LASIK surgery, it is something that you should spend some time learning about. You also should learn about the doctors in the area. Doing these things will allow you to decide if LASIK is a good choice and how you should proceed in your quest for better vision.